Advanced One-Stop Manufacturing Facility

Dufu specializes in manufacturing precision machining parts and components.

With our talented and skilled resources, we are able to deliver from conceptual to physical realities of various product ranges that require basic machining to close tolerance products. We serve a variety of industries, primarily:

Hard disk drives (HDD)
Industry safety and sensors
Medical and office equipment
Consumer electronics

Our state-of-the-art facility and equipment gives us the repeatability, consistency, and quality customers have come to expect.

These resources, combined with our culture for continuous improvement, mean that every machine in our facility is running at maximum efficiency and adding maximum value to our customers. This is the reason why Dufu continues to be the partner of choice for customers from a variety of industries.

Have an idea? Let’s make it work.

Your Partner from A-Z

Customer Product Development

Dufu has the capabilities, experience and scale to assist you across the entire product development life cycle. You can work with us as your one-stop solution provider from concept and manufacturing through market release and beyond.

• Design FMEA inputs
• Prototyping support
• DFM review
• Design optimisation
• Product testing
• Failure analysis
• Self first article

Our Strength

Flexible Manufacturing Capabilities

We are able to provide highly customised orders. Whether the variation is on the parts, assembly, process sequence, design or volume, we are able to support our clients fully.

• Assembly
• Plastic injection
• Plating
• Metal stamping
• Surface finishing
• CNC machining
• Autho lathe
• Escomatic

Hands-on Experience

Materials Handling

Stamping/Sheet Metal
• Stainless steel SUS3xx
• Beryllium copper
• Brass
• Copper alloy
• Aluminum 5xxx,6xxx
• AlZn
• Nickel 200
• Nickel Silver
• Fiber Sheets
• Teflon
CNC/Auto Lathe
• Stainless steel SUS3xx, 4xx
• Free cutting steel
• Brass 36xxx
• Phosphorus bronze
• Aluminum 5xxx, 6xxx
• Beryllium copper
• Nickel silver
• Kovar
• Delrin, Telfon, ABS
• Titanium

A Culture of
Continuous Improvement

One of our critical success factors is our focus on constant improvement of process engineering and development.

Dufu’s highly capable process enables smooth production ramp ups, which in turn support the customer to achieve faster time-to-volume and time-to-market. The strength and ability to respond to aggressive production ramp ups over the years have helped immensely in building the customers’ confidence and being retained as a business partner for future product developments.

Quality right from the very beginning

We believe that the quality of products come from the manufacturing process and not from the inspection. Regular improvement activities are conducted to improve the manufacturing process. Various measurements are employed to build quality features into the manufacturing process.