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On 3 October 2020, Dufu has fostered collaboration with AmBank, a local financial institution to install an Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) at its Bayan Lepas factory premises. The installation of the ATM is important because they play a vital role in providing Dufu’s working communities with easy access to cash and the convenience to perform wider banking services, without having to travel miles and at the comfort of their work place. Saving time and money!

Having an ATM inside our factory compound is timely in view of the threat of Covid-19 has caused everyone around the world to rethink and revise their everyday habits, and these changes will be long-lasting, if not permanent. Using ATM avoid face-to-face or in branch interactions completely and they were able to maintain social distancing. We also take a proactive approach to disinfect the surfaces of the ATM regularly.

This is part of our effort to work closely with our employees to support their needs and help them to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy.