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On 11 November 2020, Dufu pledged to distribute 605 books and monthly educational magazines for a year’s supply to disseminate to secondary school students and so teachers in the identified 5 private schools can augment their libraries. The reading materials cover diverse topics of popular interest and current events which is related to science, geography, financial management, languages, self-cultivation, life psychology, historical findings, information technology and social issues. The schools which benefitted from our year long supply of reading materials worth RM23,062 were as follows:

• S.M. San Min (SUWA) Teluk Intan;
• Chung Ling Private High School, Penang;
• Penang Chinese Girls’ Private High School;
• Phor Tay Private High School, Penang; and
• Jit Sin Independent High School

Reading is the gateway to lifetime learning. In order to overcome the issue of low readership among the public, the reading habit should be cultivated since young. We want every child to have a book in his or her hands to read. If children can read and love to read, they will continue to read all their lives. Reading has a domino effect on their success in postsecondary education, careers and life. It builds their confidence, vocabulary, knowledge and creativity.

Lee, Hui-Ta also known as Li Hui TaExecutive Chairman