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Communication is a two-way street. This is why we listen to you.

It’s important for companies to listen to their employees, but listening isn’t enough. Organizations must carefully consider survey results and commit to meaningful and lasting change.

We listen to our employee’s grudges. We made some improvements to their suggestions based on the internal survey conducted every year.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are fully committed to the prevention of injury and ill health in related operational activities through continual improvement of PDCA cycle in effective Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Management System through:

  • Compliance with relevant Malaysian Occupational Health and Safety Legal and other requirements
  • Recognized the hazards and minimizing the risks in order to protect employees
  • Ensuring suitability and effective implementation of the OH&S management programs through periodic Management Review of the policy, objectives and targets
  • Communication to all employees and ensuring adequacy in OH&S awareness, skill, knowledge, competency and compliances obligations
  • Communicating and promoting awareness to our customers, suppliers and
    interested parties, and make the policy available to the public upon request.
  • Recognizes the worker’s duty including the management to consult, participate and support company’s overall OH&S management programs and encourages them to provide suggestions for improvement.

In pursuing excellence for health, safety and environment (HSE), we subscribe and adhere to ISO 45001 standards and adopt the best industry practices.

To drive excellence in HSE, we embarked on various programmes to nurture a generative safety culture in the company where the value of safety is fully integrated into every aspect of our systems and processes.

At Dufu, we have an Occupational Safety and Health Management (OSH) unit to safeguard, manage, discuss and report areas related to Dufu’s HSE performance. The OSH continues to monitor effectiveness, engage with Management, and drive improvement. About 40 people are part of Dufu’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), ready to respond in emergency situations. They are trained to administer first aid, help evacuate buildings, and provide other assistance.

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Safety & Health

ERT Bomba Challenge November 2019

Safety & Health

ERT Training November 2019

Safety & Health

Fire Evacuation Drill Practice April 2019

Healthier work-life practices

We aim to create a healthy workplace that encourage employees to stay well. Simple, fun, and effective programs help them deal with challenges that affect their ability to be focused and productive. In order to foster a healthier work-life balance in Dufu and to spur the welfare of the employees, we have rolled out various activities for our employees to participate, release stress and foster positive relationships amongst colleagues.

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We aspire to attract and retain the best talent, develop and nurture a highly engaged and capable workforce to become an efficient and empowered organisation. To ensure our employees have the right skills and capabilities to execute their roles efficiently and effectively, we provide continuous employee development and talent management programmes to enhance their professional and personal development.

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