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Dufu has organised Health & Safety Week for the first time from 2nd to 6th December 2019.

The purpose of the Health and Safety Week is to reinforce every employee’s safety in the work place and to guarantee a safe and healthy environment conducive to health prevention. Dufu’s week long program sets out basic health and safety rules for all employees and general well being, regardless of their level.

There were many competitive events held during the Health & Safety Week campaign such as weight loss and walking challenge, poster and video competition. Amongst all of these competitions, catwalk with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was held during the closing ceremony and it drew the most laughter and cheers from the audience.

Health screening
On 4 December 2019, many of our workers were seeing queuing for their turn to check their basic health screening indicators such as BMI, glucose, blood pressure, visceral fat level etc. We are thankful to Penang Adventist Hospital for providing complimentary health screening for our employees.

Blood donation drive
In conjunction with Dufu’s Health and Safety Week, we also organized blood donation drive courtesy of Penang General Hospital at our factory premise. Seen here some of our staff is looking pretty cool and relax being a blood donor. Giving blood is indeed a quick, simple and yet effective way to give back to our community.

Medical plan consultation session
One of the international insurance firm shared some of their medical plan for the company’s staff and dependents. Workers were free to seek for consultation to gauge their financial health check protection.

Bomba and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam exhibition
We have several booths from Bomba, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam and Hospital exhibiting materials and items related to their respective departments. Seen here are fire detector and prevention equipment and various fire extinguishers on display from Bomba Department.

We also invited our employee’s spouse and children for the event. The children especially have a soft spot for Bomba’s Rapid Intervention Motorcycles on exhibit.

Health and safety talks from Bomba
We express our thanks to officers from Bomba, medical practitioner and Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (Penang) who were presence in our factory premise in Bayan Lepas on 7 December 2019 for giving various talks on health and safety issues to some of our staff.