Making A Difference
By Integrating Sustainability

Dufu has been on a journey to integrate sustainability in the way we do business.

We continue to learn and understand future trends that will affect our organisation and society at large. In so doing, we have implemented processes to identify and manage environmental and social issues. Our integrated response into business’s processes, tools and priorities continue to evolve as we understand of how to deliver value to a range of stakeholders developed, and as the risk and opportunity in trends in technology, demographics, culture and regulations changes.

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Policy

We are committed to establish RBA Standard to ensure that our Company’s working conditions are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, our business operations are environmentally responsible, to meet our social responsibilities and to achieve success in the market place.

Dufu Industries Sdn Bhd is certified with RBA.


Uphold the human rights of workers with freely chosen employment and child labor avoidance. Workers’ wages and benefits, good human treatment, non-discrimination, freedom of association and reasonable religious practice are complying with Local Law and Regulations.


Minimize the incidence of occupational injury and illness through occupational safety and emergency preparedness. To ensure industrial hygiene, physically demanding work, machine safeguarding and workers are to be ready accessed to appropriate sanitation, food and living conditions. Reasonable steps are also taken to remove pregnant women/nursing mothers from working condition with high hazards and practical break time and accommodations are provided to nursing mothers for managing lactation responsibilities at work.


Address the adverse effects on the community, environment and natural resources through the obtaining of environmental permit, pollution prevention and resource reduction of hazardous substances, waste water, solid waste, air emission and to adhere to product content restrictions, water management and minimize the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Committed to meeting social responsibilities and upholding the standards of ethics through business integrity, no improper advantages, disclosure of information, intellectual property rights, fair business, advertising and competition, protection of identity and non-retaliation, responsible sourcing of minerals and protecting the reasonable privacy expectations of personal information.


Fulfill all tasks required to achieve company objectives and to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements related to the company’s operations and products, conformance with RBA Code of Conduct and identification and mitigation of operational risks related to this code. It should also facilitate continual improvement including RBA Code of Conduct communication to employees and suppliers.

For us here in DUFU, sustainability is not merely stakeholders’ perceptions of ‘green issues’ and business strategies.

It’s about profitable investments for all our all stakeholders affected by our entire business chain, creating new jobs and being financially sound concomitantly.

Dufu’s sustainable development requires meaningful involvement and active participation of all our stakeholders.

We believe that maintaining a good degree of communication and understanding with all the internal and external stakeholders is essential in our journey to good corporate governance and for Dufu to be a reputable sustainable business entity.


Product quality manufacturing improvements. Customer audit and early supplier involvement.


Health and safety, employee well-being and development, regular engagement.

Investors &

Business performance, strategic plans and efficient correspondence.


Supplier auditing and strengthening partnerships.


Timely and accurate information through various media channels.

Government & Regulators

Compliance and active participation in government programmes.


Environment protection and regulatory compliance.


Local community activities, sponsorship programmes and informal communication.

Incorporating Feedback

Actively engaging our stakeholders underpins our efforts to embrace sustainability.

We engage with our stakeholders to understand their values and interests, learn their expectations and then incorporate what we learn into our business plans and actions. We seek early and frequent engagement with our stakeholders to build trust, garner respect and develop mutually beneficial relationships. A two-way conversation allow us to best understand the needs and concerns of communities and collaborate for mutual benefit.

We firmly believe that social risks is best managed by integrating community input into business decision-making processes.

We love to hear what you think. We welcome you to get in touch with us on sustainability matters that you may have concern.

The success of our business is the success of all our stakeholders.

The stability and growth of our business is interconnected with the sustainability of the economies, the natural environment, work place and the communities in which we operate and vice versa. At Dufu, we are committed to being a responsible company and making a positive contribution to society and the environment.


We are committed to achieve the desired standards of professionalism and business ethics.


We aim to provide a caring, supportive, pleasant and healthy workplace for our employees.


At Dufu, we’re routinely implementing new ways to reduce our environmental impact.


We encourage approved suppliers to support our key sustainability initiatives through adoption and implementation of sustainable business practices.

Community Engagement

We are fully committed to our CSR programmess by engaging in community service events.