Wu Mao-Yuan

Executive Director

63 years

Mr. Wu Mao-Yuan was appointed as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Dufu on 19 December 2012 and was re-designated as an Executive Director on 27 August 2015. Mr. Wu currently serves as Managing Director of Futron Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group. He is a member of the Investment Committee of the Company.

Mr. Wu graduated from Taiwan Zhen Xin University in 1977 with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation, he started his career in 1979 as an Engineering Assistant responsible for the design and manufacturing of production jig and fixture with Da Di Ling Company. Subsequently, he joined Jin Feng Corp. in 1981 as a supervisor leading the production team to manufacture motorcycle components. From 1988 to 1992, he was with Lee Bai Corp Ltd. as a production manager where his accomplishment was forming and commercializing a new precision machining group for the Company. In 1993, Mr. Wu worked in DISB where he was responsible for overseeing its operations as well as technology evolvement. He left Malaysia in 2002 to personally set-up and established Futron Technology Co., Ltd in Guang Zhou, China to manufacture and produce production parts for computer related components. He is also a Compliance Officer of Superior Plating Technology Co. Ltd., a company listed in Taipei Exchange.

Throughout his career spanning more than 33 years, not only had he demonstrated his high technical skill, he has also proven his management capability by bringing success after success to many of the companies he had served.

Mr. Wu has no family relationship with other Directors and/or major shareholders of the Company, nor any conflict of interest with the Group. He has not been convicted of any offences, other than traffic offences (if applicable) within the past five (5) years and no public sanction or penalty imposed by the relevant regulatory bodies on him during the financial year.