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Today is a bittersweet day as the staff hold a farewell party to commemorate the retirement of our esteemed CEO, Mr. Yeoh Beng Hooi. It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to someone who has dedicated so much of his life to our company and has made a lasting impact on each and every one of us.

Our Chairman, Dato’ Lee, Hui-Ta also known as Li Hui Ta, had the honour of presenting some meaningful gifts to our retired CEO, Mr. Yeoh Beng Hooi, expressing the company’s gratitude and appreciation for his leadership and contributions throughout his 19-year tenure with the company.

There were arrays of finger foods and appetizers paid by staff to commemorate our beloved CEO’s retirement farewell get together.

As the staff gathers and listen to the speeches from our Chairman, Deputy CEO and the retiring man himself, we were reminded of Mr. Yeoh’s unwavering commitment to excellence, his innovative spirit, and his ability to inspire and lead others. It was his vision and leadership that helped transformed Dufu into the successful organization it is today. After the speeches, the staff had a photography session with the departing CEO.

As Mr Yeoh embarks on his new chapter of his life, we wish him all the best in his retirement. May his new phase of life be filled with joy, relaxation, and new adventures. Mr Yeoh has definitely earned his right to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labour. Mr Yeoh will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on.